Center City Housing Corp.


Success Stories

Many low income and homeless families and individuals have found a home with Center City Housing Corp. Some have ended their homelessness and found the stability needed to change their lives, some have found the support needed to create a new path for themselves and their children and some have found a warm, safe and affordable place to live.

Success Stories

Indian Heights Partnership, Silver Creek Corner

Over the past two years Silver Creek Corner residents have been helping clear invasive buckthorn and honeysuckle at Indian Heights Park.  This is a city owned park but does not have funding for upkeep.  This is in collaboration with Augsburg College, Doctoral Nursing Program and Friends of Indian Heights a local nonprofit tasked with keeping up the park. Approximately 100 hours volunteer hours have been logged within the park by staff and residents.  One resident went through the Citizen Forestry class and is now a certified Citizen Forester.  This partnership has allowed residents to give back to their community and build relationship with community members.


Alice Wakemup in her apartment at the New San Marco

Alice Wakemup, New San Marco Apartments

Alice Wakemup moved into the San Marco Group Residential Program on May 1, 2007. Alice is a chronic alcoholic that struggled with homelessness for many years.  Alice had strong goals in place when she set up her supportive housing plan/goals. She wanted to remain sober and work on reunifying with her family members and her reservation, Bois Forte. She also wanted to move into the independent efficiency side of the San Marco building.

Alice worked hard on these goals and in January 2008, Alice moved into the efficiency side of  the San Marco building. You can see by visiting her apartment that she is proud of her room and takes great care in keeping her place clean and welcoming. Alice’s  sons and grandchildren now visit frequently. She displays many pictures of her family and Native American art work.

Alice gives back to her community by volunteering at the Domiano clothing center and in her spare time she does traditional beading.

Alice is an active member of her reservation and recently  returned from the Bois Forte Elder trip to Niagara Falls, New York.  Alice is also a very respected elder in the building and often assist staff with cultural events. Such as cooking  traditional meals in our commercial kitchen.

Alice is very happy with her accomplishments and the San Marco staff is extremely proud of her.


Angela Smith and her family in their home

Angela Smith

Our family has been through enough trials and tribulations to write a book! There has been more than one occasion when I wondered if we were going to make it and remain together as a fmaily.

Fortunately we were able to receive assistance from the program and our advoacte to get our family back on track. One of the most important things we have been able to do is provide safe and stable housing for our children. Once we had housing the other pieces began to fall into place. I returned to school and will graduate this year with an associate in arts and an associate in Environmental Science. We have both been able to maintain steady employment. Our kids are doing great in school and their behavior is reflective of how they feel about our family. It has not been easy but I am proud of our family and all we have accomplished.