Center City Housing Corp.


Mission Statement


Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Our Vision
Center City Housing Corp. will be recognized as a statewide leader and innovator of affordable supportive housing and a regional provider of affordable rental housing.

Our Mission
Center City Housing Corp. develops, owns, partners and/or manages quality housing opportunities and provides associated services for those most in need.

Our Values and Principles 

  • Be Innovative
    • We believe in challenging ourselves to continuously create state-of-the-art supportive housing models that incorporate both best practices and innovation.
  • Maximize Resident Success
    • We believe that every individual and family should have access to housing provided that suitable design and support services are in place.
    • We believe the focus of our supportive services will be designed to maximize the opportunities for our applicants and residents to obtain and maintain permanent housing.
  • Build Financial Stability
    • We believe in building a strong financial basis from which to pursue our mission.
    • We believe that each housing entity we own and/or manage must be financially stable.
  • Practice Inclusion, Diversity and Respect
    • We believe in affirmatively marketing our properties, particularly to those who are least likely to apply.
    • We believe in creating a work force that reflects the diversity of the populations we serve.
    • We believe in treating those with whom we work and serve with dignity and respect.
  • Foster Collaboration
    • We believe that our success in achieving our mission is dependent upon collaborations and partnerships within the communities in which we work.
  • Uphold High Property Standards
    • We believe in continuously developing, maintaining and renovating our properties to the highest physical standards within the constraints of available resources.
  • Cultivate Neighborhood Stability
    • We believe in taking all necessary steps to assure that our properties promote neighborhood stability.


CCHC has identified four overarching goals to enhance the way we work to more effectively pursue our mission. They focus on building on our pre-eminence in supportive housing across Minnesota, fortifying and enhancing our core operations and successfully completing a leadership transition.

  • Fortify CCHC’s supportive housing niche while selectively diversifying the portfolio and revenue sources.
  • Achieve operational excellence in staffing, financial sustainability and stewardship
  • Leverage expertise through partnerships and advocacy.
  • Accomplish a smooth transition to a new Executive Director.